Fellows Scheme for Early Career Researchers

The University of Dundee has just announced a Fellows Scheme for early career researchers, http://www.dundee.ac.uk/dundeefellows/  There is specific interest is several research themes, including social inclusion:

Informatics for Social Inclusion encompasses diverse themes in Computing, all of which are united by the common thread that being human provides everyone with a special bond – a bond that technology can facilitate. We take social inclusion seriously, emphasizing that technology design should consider not just those who are early adopters of technology, but also those who through age or disability may have difficulty using technology. In addition, we consider the important role that technology can play in enabling enhanced quality of life through the use of technology supports.  For more information, seehttp://www.dundee.ac.uk/dundeefellows/schemeresearchthemes/

If you have additional questions, you can write either to Vicki Hanson, vlh@computing.dundee.ac.uk, or Annalu Waller, awaller@computing.dundee.ac.uk