I am the Programme Director for BSc (Hons) Applied Computing (Games) and MSc User Experience Design. I am teaching the following modules, based inĀ Computing.

Data Visualisation

The aim of this course is to provide students with experience of developing professional applications, emphasising Human-Computer Interaction from theory through to practical project experience with graphics in a socially challenging situation.

Physical Computing

This course introduces you to physical computing, particularly programming microcontrollers, together with consideration of some of the important prototyping and testing issues concerning the use of computers systems. In particular you will be made aware of the importance of well-designed human-computer interfaces and the extended interactional opportunities afforded by a rich range of sensors and actuator connected to the microcontroller. Experimental design will be considered in the context of physical computing projects.

Human Computer Interaction

The aim of this module is to provide students with knowledge of Human Computer Interaction, and an awareness of usability, accessibility and experimental design. The module is based around a substantial practical element, involving the development and implementation of an experimental protocol. Through this, students will gain practical experience of conducting ethical user research in order to inform future developments in the development of user-friendly software.

User Experience

This module aims to ensure that students are exposed to the set of factors that can affect the experience that users have when engaging with technology/computing based devices and services. These factors will be explored from the perspective of the usage in context, candidate technologies and social and institutional issues.