Student Projects

  • 2015-2016
    • Lewis Davie (Bsc (Hons) Applied Computing)
      A Virtual Reality Music Machine
    • Alexander Grey (Bsc (Hons) Applied Computing)
      Sponsor Virtual Plots at the Botanic Gardens
    • Jonathan Rose (Bsc (Hons) Applied Computing)
      Text Entry on Smartwatches
    • Annie Tahir (Bsc (Hons) Applied Computing)
      Android Application for Amina Muslim Women Resource Centre
  •  2015-2016
    • Kayleigh Hendry (Bsc (Hons) Applied Computing)
      A Migraine Diary
    • Ruijie Huang (Bsc (Hons) Applied Computing)
      Help me Learn Arduino
    • David Kenny (Bsc (Hons) Applied Computing)
      Giftr – an iOS Application
    • Christopher Meiklejohn (Msc Applied Computing)
      Smartwatch Banking Application
    • Ladan Saifee (Bsc (MSc Applied Computing)
      Text Entry on Smartwatches
  • 2014-2015
    • Graeme Brown (Bsc (Hons) Applied Computing)
      Application for Managing Chronic Pain
    • Victor Chow (Bsc (Hons) Applied Computing)
      Android Smartwatch Fitness Application
    • Ron Schoenberg (Bsc (Hons) Applied Computing)
      Peer Review System
    • Kirsty Ryder (MSc Business Intelligence)
      Cash Flow Forecasting using Analytics
    • Graham Douglas (MSc Data Science)
      Application for Managing Chronic Pain
    • Tom Sneddon (MSc Data Science)
      High Performance Dimensional ETL in Apache Spark
    • Forrest Gordon (MSc Computing with International Business)
      Online Arduino Education System
    • Paola Moreno (MSc User Experience Engineering)
      Design Patterns for Novel ATM Interactions
  • 2013-2014
    • Timothy Ingram (MSc Applied Computing)
      An online peer review system
    • Raphael Maganga (MSc Applied Computing)
      An iOS application for diabetes monitoring
  • 2011-2012
    • Emma Coutts (BSc (Hons) Applied Computing)
      Exploring Modern Technologies to Enhance the Construction of Activity Schedules for Children with Autism Spectrum Conditions
  • 2010-2011
    • Diogo Rodrigues (BSc (Hons) Applied Computing)
      The Development of an Estate Agent Website Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques